about Qingjing

Hubei Qingjing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional high-efficiency filter manufacturer, medium-efficiency filter manufacturer and primary-efficiency filter manufacturer in Hubei. The company’s exports and domestic trade are simultaneously carried out, with an average annual trade volume of 6 million yuan.
In recent years, the company has worked hard to expand the domestic market and established long-term supply relationships with many domestic enterprises. After years of hard work, we have improved production methods and introduced good production equipment, and under the premise of ensuring the quality of air filter products, we have compressed production costs, making Hubei Qingjing’s air filter products with high quality and high price.
The company is located in Xiantao City, Hubei Province, adjacent to the transportation hub Wuhan, and can provide installation services throughout Hubei.
The company mainly produces all kinds of air filtration and air purification products. Including primary efficiency air filter, medium efficiency air filter, sub-high efficiency air filter, air filter cotton filter material, precision air conditioning filter, clean air conditioning filter, paint room filter, glass fiber filter, bottom Cotton, top cotton, paint barrier, plate filter, foldable air filter, paper frame filter, metal filter mesh, bag air filter, air filter bag, synthetic fiber filter bag, high temperature resistant high efficiency filter, activated carbon Filters include high-efficiency filters with partitions, high-efficiency filters without partitions, HEPA, etc.
As a manufacturer of primary and medium-efficiency high-efficiency air filters, Hubei Qingjing understands the principle of customer first and treats every customer sincerely. You can contact us by phone, online chat, or on-site visits. Look forward to working with you